Catch Media’s mission to deliver great digital experiences is driven by seasoned leadership who have proven their ability to transform consumer experiences throughout the evolution of the digital age.

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Wealth of Expertise

Our Executive Management Team brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to create success for our customers on a global stage.

Yaacov Ben-Yaacov

Founder & CEO

Is a veteran serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of building companies and products. He was the founder of PictureVision, the first company to bring the convenience of digital photography to the mass consumer market. PictureVision and its clearinghouse system were acquired by Eastman Kodak for over $150 million, generating over $80 million in investor profit in less than three years.

Boaz Ben-Yaacov

Founder & CTO

Has served as the Company’s CTO from its inception and is responsible for the company’s technology strategy. Prior to founding Catch Media, Boaz held technology and business development positions at News Corporation and PictureVision, focusing on building the first ‘cloud’-based technologies in the realms of photography and interactive television applications.

Aaron Posner

Head, Product

Has over 25 years of professional experience in the development and deployment of technology and infrastructure products and services. At Catch Media, Aaron is responsible for establishing open and mutually beneficial relationships with customers and prospects; understanding their needs and the needs of the marketplace; and driving the roadmap for our platform in concert with the development teams.

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