Play Anywhere® Insight

Catch Media’s Insight services provide real-time and aggregated views into consumers’ behavior across any device and service.

Consumer Awareness. Consumer Engagement.

Play Anywhere® Insight is an interactive dashboard which allows customers to extract, analyze and utilize information about consumer behavior, including sales, media consumption, media ownership, and campaign interaction.

Combined with the company’s Play Anywhere® Connect service, our customers possess powerful tools and systems to deliver recommendations and hyper-targeted promotional campaigns to their users based on real-time data.

The detailed analytics provided by Play Anywhere® Insight benefit both you and your customers by:

  • Offering simple and universal dashboards for key metrics across entire market verticals
  • Facilitating the generation of higher revenues by helping consumers discover new, relevant and desired content
  • Deepening loyalty to a content creator’s brand by rewarding dedicated fans with exclusive content

Insight-led Marketing

Play Anywhere® provides detailed tracking and analysis

  1. Sales Reports: – standard reports showing usage statistics, sign-ups, average membership length and churn.
  2. Campaign Performance: – reports and analysis on campaign interaction, such as take-up rates and click-throughs for promotions deployed via the campaign manager
  3. Behavior Analysis:– fully understand what your consumers are listening to, watching and reading; what they own; when they consume the most content; right down to the finest detail, like the most skipped song in their collection.

A User-friendly Interface

Our simple-to-use web interface gives you a real-time snapshot of corporate metrics and key performance indicators. The dashboard is a group of reports and different charts that display your custom report data graphically.

Analysis of campaign performance, sales tracking, and user behavior is accessible at the touch of a button.

Discover more about how detailed business intelligence and consumption analytics provided by Play Anywhere® Insight can lead to a greater understanding of your customer base and further revenue opportunities. Contact us today.