A fully customizable content commerce & distribution platform and billing engine, which distributes on-demand content.

Mix. Burn. Play Anywhere®

A customer selects an album or creates their own mix from millions of tracks. The content is then either burned on a disc or sent over the cloud to a user’s connected devices. The customer can add their own images to personalize the experience, creating a unique album cover. The platform can be deployed on kiosks, web, mobile applications and social networks, such as Facebook.

A customizable interface

The dynamic discovery interface is fully customizable to our partner’s brand and includes a complete commerce and billing engine.

The platform is flexible and can be loaded and displayed in custom-made kiosks, existing kiosks, EPOS systems, existing hardware displays as well as web, mobile applications and social networks such as Facebook.

The Play Anywhere® Storefront service is currently running across the U.S in 300 F.Y.E. stores, via interactive touchscreen kiosks.

The service comes with a full set of licensing agreements and millions of music tracks from all of the major music labels and the predominant independent labels and aggregators.

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