Physical to Digital

Consumers continue to purchase both physical and digital content and want a unified experience enjoying access to both.

Connecting old and new

Catch Media creates a bridge between physical and digital by offering the Play Anywhere® platform to content owners and retailers, allowing them to provide customers with digital copies of their purchased physical content on their connected devices.

A simple process

The process is remarkably simple: Consumers buy any physical content, like a CD, and with their smartphone take a picture of a QR code in the CD package. The content is then immediately available on the smartphone.

With Point of Sale integration the process becomes even easier for the customer – the Play Anywhere® system receives the sale record directly from the retailer, and then routes the content directly to the customer’s device.

A platform for all

The Play Anywhere® platform supports all physical entertainment media – music, movies, books and games – and offers digital access to this physical content on all of a consumer’s connected devices, regardless of platform.

The system is truly platform agnostic, covering all major smartphone operating systems, PC/Mac, in-car entertainment systems and any connected set-top box. Catch Media is at the forefront of helping consumers transition from today’s physical environment to tomorrow’s digital world.

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