Play Anywhere® Access

Play Anywhere® Access lets users seamlessly, conveniently and legally access their digital content across multiple devices – wherever and whenever they want.

A revolutionary approach

Catch Media‘s Play Anywhere® system is a revolutionary licensed digital rights locker platform that lets users:
• Listen to and watch music
• View TV and video collections
• Read digital books
• Play digital games
• Share all digital media via social networks
• Access their media across multiple devices including PCs, mobile phones, TVs, cable & satellite receivers and in-car entertainment systems
Our unique approach removes lengthy, cumbersome file uploads, Digital Rights Management (DRM) conflicts and file format challenges associated with accessing content on devices that support a range of different file formats.
The Play Anywhere® solution uses a patent protected registry, routing, tracking, and clearinghouse system to enable the legal and licensed delivery and monetization of content already in a subscriber’s library, regardless of how or where that content was acquired.

How it works

1. Register content as acquired by an individual or family through:
o Scanning and matching content on a computer and adding it to the registry;
o Physical to Digital Interfacing with Point-of-Sale locations such as a brick and mortar retailers, as well as pure-play online e-tailers;
o Cable and satellite TV subscriber packages; and
o Integration with disparate consumer content registries.
2. Register devices .
3 . Route content to the requesting device from a licensed content aggregator, to deliver fully legal and consistently highest-quality streaming,
4. Track, in real time, the movement of content through the ecosystem, including delivery, syncing, and playback events by device.
5. Disburse revenue generated from subscription plans, advertising and bundling, through the platform’s dynamic clearinghouse system.

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