The Technology Engine

The Catch Media Digital Experience Delivery platform is powered by the Context Anywhere engine, the foundation of the Play Anywhere® products.

The engine provides the ability to create great digital experiences that incorporate all the key aspects of users’ context.

The Context Anywhere engine continually learns from users’ digital lifecycle interactions, leveraging over 60 billion transactions and relevant domain knowledge to create user context. This allows for the discovery of relevant and actionable connections across complex data.

The engine creates engagement opportunities by learning from users’ digital lifecycle interactions including:

  • Domain Knowledge that derives context by ingesting multiple domain specific meta-data sets, mapping them to behavior events and historical interactions
  • Registry of a consumer’s user information, device information, and media ownership & acquisitions across media types (music, video, books, games).
  • Tracking commerce transactions and content consumption

In addition, Play Anywhere® supplies the following core services:

  • Clearinghouse utilizing the platform’s dynamic revenue allocation algorithms to disburse access fees, whether in the form of advertising revenue, bundling by service providers, or direct consumer-paid fees
  • License Manager  maintains a database of content rights holders and business rules in order to control access at the user, content, and device levels.
  • Routing a legal copy of the consumer’s content from the cloud via a digital service provider (DSP) or content aggregator, rather than from a user’s PC.

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