Intellectual Property & Licenses

Catch Media significantly invests in developing and protecting our intellectual property and worldwide content licenses.

Catch Media’s Patent Portfolio

To date, our IP portfolio, in nine distinct families, provides broad protection for all aspects of the Play Anywhere® system including content tracking & routing, target marketing, and revenue disbursement. The portfolio to date comprises more than 75 patents worldwide, with over 40 patents already issued. It provides the backbone to our award winning cloud technology and associated services.

First of its kind – Post-acquisition licenses

The first commercial deployment and demonstration of the Play Anywhere® platform’s flexibility has been in the music market. In developing this service Catch Media signed
’post-acquisition licenses’ with the major and independent music labels, publishers and societies, covering tens of millions of tracks.

The Play Anywhere® License was the first of its kind in the marketplace. It means subscribers can route media content directly or indirectly whenever they want and to whichever device they designate, so long as that content is deemed to exist in the subscriber’s content collection.

Post-acquisition revenues

Our platform facilitates ongoing revenues for our partners by providing the technology infrastructure for a wide variety of post-acquisition services.

These revenues can be generated after a consumer’s initial purchase of their digital assets. Post-acquisition revenue is allocated between publishers, e-tailers/retailers, artists, manufacturers, service providers and other service enablers, and as such represents an opportunity and an incentive for these participants to generate additional revenue from digital assets that have already been sold.

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