Technology & Background

The Catch Media platform provides unique opportunities to drive revenue, gain deep customer insights, and offer personalized experiences and targeted marketing.

Catch Media’s cloud platform is powered by our Context Anywhere Engine that continually learns from users’ digital lifecycle interactions including: Domain Knowledge, Tracking, Routing, Registry, License Management and Clearinghouse activity

Wide Spectrum of Services

Catch Media’s platform offers multiple services and related product offerings with which industry participants can engage their customers:

Play Anywhere® Access allows distribution channels such as retailers, carriers, operators and hardware manufacturers to offer their consumers access to acquired content or TV/Cable subscriptions anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Play Anywhere® Insight provides real-time, aggregated views into consumers’ behavior in order to understand users and deliver interactions that work in today’s dynamic multi-dimensional environments.

Play Anywhere® Connect creates and delivers targeted promotions and manages complex content provisioning to multiple devices and device types, providing timely, in context and personalized digital experiences.

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